Letter to Parents ~ August 2014

August 2014

Dear IES Parents and Community Members,

The PTA’s contribution to IES is very significant.  The K-5 learning experience should be profoundly positive and our PTA board and volunteers work very hard to offer enrichment programs that enhance the education of every child at IES.

We fund-raise to support many enrichment programs so that all of our students receive a well rounded education.  On an annual per student basis, the cost of these programs is approximately $280 (just $1.55 per student, per school day.)  We ask parents to contribute toward raising this money over the course of the year, beginning with the Jog-a-Thon for Physical Education (PE) in September.  Please think of these donation requests as an investment in your child.

In addition to program funding, the PTA also strives to bring together home and school.  We welcome parent involvement in school activities and truly appreciate how much value family participation adds to the learning experience at IES.  We hope that every family will share some of their time with our IES children during the school year, but we realize that our families are very busy.  Joining the PTA requires no volunteer time.  We only ask for your support for our efforts for the school by simply becoming a member of the association.

A healthy buy essay now family and school community requires a solid PTA membership roster. Our dues are $15 per family and $10 per staff member. As a member of the PTA you are invited to attend our Member Meetings, where we openly welcome input into our programs, and where members are entitled to vote on PTA policy and financing.

The IES PTA wants to keep every family informed of school events.  Please include your email address on the 2014 / 2015 PTA Membership Form to receive our weekly email update.  And, Like us on Facebook, Incline Elementary School PTA.

Best Wishes for your Child’s Success,

Jane Day, IES President 2014-2015

IES PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that promotes valuable educational and social programs directed toward students, teachers and parents, associated with the Incline Elementary School community.  All donations are tax deductible.

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